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Astronomical watch

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Features of Noorafza astronomical watch

  • Intelligent and fully automatic operation of the device without the need for any input settings
  • Installation on the rail inside the panel
  • Get installation time and location automatically
  • Get remote offset settings by texting
  • Receive commands to connect and disconnect remotely by sending an SMS
  • Define public on and off planning and crisis
  • Ability to send brightness reduction command (100%, 66%, 33%)
  • Sending line information (connected or disconnected, line voltage, line current, cosine, power)
  • Send error (voltage drop, overvoltage, line current drop, line current overload and line disconnection and untimely connection) to the server
  • Measuring the brightness of the substation
  • The disconnect and reconnect status is automatically sent to the server by the product
  • It is possible to remove line information manually by the server (not sending data permanently)
  • ability to send information from multiple control systems
  • Mark all commands based on exact time
  • Chassis test day

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This device can accurately detect sunrise and sunset and control the lighting system without the need to receive light every day of the year with a microprocessor program.
The astronomical watch does not have an eye sensor and can be installed in any indoor place, which eliminates possible errors on cloudy days and access by irresponsible people. This device can also turn the outputs on or off for up to 120% minutes before sunrise and sunset.