Navid Espadana R&D Unit started its work in 2012 and was selected as a national R&D unit in 2014 and 2015 and officially obtained the R&D license in 1396. Since its inception, the unit has achieved remarkable success by employing experienced and skilled engineers and using specialized software that demonstrates the high quality and variety of products. The laboratory unit, which now operates as an independent unit, was born in R&D and was separated from R&D in late 1977.

The overall goals of the Navid Spadana R&D Unit are as follows:
Design new products according to market needs and relevant standards
Development of Navid Espadana's product range
Extending the Application of New Lighting Technologies (LEDs)
Design and manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment related to lighting systems
Increasingly review and improve current products with market feedback
Undertake fundamental research in the field of illumination and its use in products
Help improve the country's lighting and reduce the country's energy consumption
Increasingly the quality of lighting and product efficiency
Expanding the use of new energy at the national level

Helping to beautify urban furniture by designing lighting fixtures tailored to different urban spaces

The research and development unit of the company consists of several different sections, each of which is mentioned below:

Mechanical Unit: This unit designs specialized parts of lighting products using specialized personnel and using CAD and CAE software. The modeling workshop is a subset of this unit that utilizes the latest technologies to prototype the products designed by the mechanical unit.

Electronics Unit: This unit is a community of electronics, electro-optics, power electronics and energy management units, utilizing skilled experts to design all lighting systems and appliances to the latest standards.

Optics Unit: This unit works with optics design software to improve the quality of light output from products as well as the design of reflectors and lenses and new optical assemblies. The Navid Spadana Light Laboratory is also a subsidiary of the unit
It has been helping to improve the quality of the light output from the Group's products since year 6.

Basic design unit

New Energy Unit: Navid Spadana Solar Department was established to design, supply and implement photovoltaic systems and carry out related projects at Navid Spadana Company. Navid Espadana Solar is currently operating in the following three sectors:
Navid Espadana Solar Research and Development Unit
Laboratory of Photovoltaic Equipment
Engineering of Photovoltaic Equipment Sales